The fast track to the reseller channel

ScanSource Satellite provides an opportunity for complementary and emerging technology vendors to reach the reseller channel through ScanSource, the leading global provider of specialty technology products and solutions - focusing on point-of-sale (POS) and barcode, 3D technology, communications, and physical security solutions.

ScanSource Satellite makes uniquely selected vendor products available to ScanSource resellers. These complementary offerings, emerging technologies, or niche products extend the solution opportunity for partners. ScanSource Satellite products are ordered just like traditional vendors products, with the additional commitment from each participating vendor to provide technical and pre- and post-sale support directly.

ScanSource Satellite program is delivered through Fast-Track, an independent company that can deliver distribution agreements with ScanSource.

ScanSource Satellite members get a value-based logistics program, and access to resellers through the ScanSource channel. The program vendors manage product inventory and technical support.

If you are a vendor looking for access to the ScanSource channel of resellers, contact us now.

ScanSource Satellite vendors include: