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Thinking about adding a monthly billing option to your product offering? Turn to ScanSource to help you move beyond traditional hardware sales to a new "as a service" approach. By giving your customers the option to purchase a monthly subscription, you’re opening new revenue streams and positioning your business to take on a new set of customers.

Why POS System as a Service Bundle?

Open the door to new contracts by:

  • Removing the barrier of large capital overlays
  • Taking advantage of installation of support for remote locations
  • Providing overnight replacements
  • Expanding your purchasing power by leaving your credit lines open

End-user customers are always looking for ways to simplify deployment and reduce acquisition costs. By offering a subscription-based model, you not only meet budget requirements and varying business needs, but you can also support many customers. Moreover, you’re generating recurring revenue.

ScanSource is well-prepared to help reseller partners develop a program that makes it possible to provide full integrated, customized solutions through a single contract. The POS System as a Services approach provides your customers with a reliable, predictable outcome using the best-of-breed products – without impacting your credit limit.

Why partner with ScanSource for the POS System as a Service Bundle Program?

For more than twenty years, we have provided resellers with the highest level of sales and technical support in the industry. We’ve offered our Channel partners services and tools that help them do more with their business. Additionally, we’ve fostered strong relationships with our manufacturing partners. As such, there is no other distributor better equipped to help you implement this innovative and affordable program.

Are you ready to add POS System as a Service Bundle to your offering? Our ScanSource sales team is ready to help! Give them a call at 800.944.2432.