Introducing Managed Retail Solutions

Managed Retail Solutions (MRS) is a set of complete, tested solutions for retail IT—designed to be easily installed and replicated across a chain of stores. Built on the foundation of a secured, managed, PCI compliant network, and providing an exclusive Managed Retail Solutions dashboard, MRS enables VARs to offer managed services for numerous technologies. You can provide your customers with Retail IT as-a-Service, while you develop a recurring revenue business model!

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Managed Retail Solutions allows resellers the opportunity to:

  • Own and provide the foundation for your customer’s retail IT – a secured, managed, PCI compliant network
  • Add retail-focused solutions which are vetted and approved by ScanSource
  • Offer new products and technologies into the retail vertical
  • Manage multiple products, services, and locations from our single dashboard
  • Provide Remote Managed Services, and build a recurring revenue stream
  • Reduce or eliminate store downtime
  • Explore new technologies and vetted solutions being added to the offering: POS tablet/fixed system (Windows OS), digital phone system, security camera and digital recording, customer location analytics, etc. 

Our finance partner, GreatAmerica, can help you provide Managed Retail Solutions as-a-Service. They take your quote—and your hardware, services, software, and managed services—then pay hardware and out-of-pocket expenses upfront, and bill your customer for the solution. Monthly invoice goes to the end user… recurring revenue to you! It all starts with a secured, managed network.

View our Network Products and Services

    • Zebra – WiNG 5 AP 7522 802.11ac ACCESS POINT
      • Dual radio
      • Internal antennas – sleek look, ideal for retail
      • One AP serves as controller
      • Provides robust wireless connection, with faster data speeds and throughput
      • Multi-tenant architecture – facilitates remote management of multiple locations
      • Future proof – supports existing 2.4 GHz mobile devices, as well as new 5 GHz mobile devices
    • Adtran – NetVanta® 1531P, managed, 12-ports, multi-layer gigabit ethernet switch
      • With PoE ports (Power over Ethernet)
      • Fast, secure, cost-effective, Local Area Network (LAN) switching
      • Fan-less design for quiet operation – ideal for retail environments
      • VoIP ready
      • Limited lifetime warranty
    • Netsurion – Firewall, PCI Compliance and remote management service
      • Enterprise-class firewall equipment, with best-in-class security architecture
      • Secure and segmented wireless solution – Locked-down wireless for payments, separate wireless for back office, and wireless for customers/guests
      • PCI compliant network for retail
      • Enables remote configuration of the Managed Retail Solutions network – Netsurion firewall, Zebra access points, and ADTRAN switch 
      • Firewall configuration and network security proven to effectively protect against costly cyber attacks
      • $100,000 warranty against costs associated with a breach of your network

      Here are some other Managed Retail Solutions we offer:

      • Mobile device management
      • POS solution
      • Digital phones
      • Physical Security – Cameras and digital recording
      • Customer location analytics
    • POS Solution
      • Remotely monitor mission-critical network functions and point-of-sale system
      • POS Software – To manage through our dashboard, must be Windows-based*
      • Flexibility in your hardware options
        • We have versatile mobile/counter POS hardware options which are ideal for SMB space, such as the Pioneer DASH T3
        • We also offer several fixed POS hardware options for SMB space
      • Bandwidth for accommodating BYO solution**
    • Digital Phones - Mitel
      • Remote management provided by MARWATCH*** – and reseller shares in revenue stream
      • Reseller can observe device details on dashboard
      • Choice of back office and floor models
      • Options and features pre-selected
      • Arrive on-site, pre-configured
      • Plug into switch via ethernet, and ready to go!
    • Physical Security - Axis and Exacq
      • Axis – ScanSource app to assist in camera selection by desired features
      • Exacq – online configurator to select the right device, with no guesswork
      • ScanSource experienced tech support team assists with store configuration (remote –  no charge)
      • For more in-depth site surveys, trusted integrators with a national presence are available (some states require certification to install)