3D Printing for Hands-On Education

Bringing Lessons to Life
From elementary schools to universities, 3D printing technology is helping instructors to bring hands-on learning to the classroom. 3D printing lifts lesson plans off of textbook pages and transforms them into engaging and fun learning experiences that better prepare students to tackle business and real-world challenges outside the classroom.

Using 3D printers, engineering, architecture, computer science and other students are able to innovate and create without boundaries, testing multiple designs to concept perfection. Students of design can truly understand through prototyping testing in real space why their design concepts do or do not work for particular applications. Professors agree that this type of learning teaches much faster than any chapter in a textbook.

Expand Students’ Imagination
3D printers are also used in educational environments to create demonstrative models to help students conceptualize complex concepts. 3D visuals are also a great way for educators and schools to enhance lesson plans to demonstrate the intricacies of objects or just to create a memorable, interactive experience.