3D Printed Aircraft Parts

3D Printed Parts Fly High
In an industry where innovation is everything, the ability to shorten the time between initial design and final product is paramount. The aerospace industry has already adopted 3D printing for small batch production and testing of aircraft parts, used in wings and engines.

The Benefits of 3D Printing for Aircraft Parts
3D printing offers the aerospace industry considerable cost and time savings, along with more complex part design that breaks free of traditional design and manufacturing processes. While the cost savings associated with additive manufacturing is not specific to the aerospace industry, the degree of cost savings is. Aircraft parts require expensive metals, and the material removed during traditional subtractive manufacturing goes to waste.

In the traditional manufacturing process, aircraft parts must be first produced in several pieces and afterwards fastened together to create the final product. 3D printing offers a time-saving advantage in completing this all in one step.

As 3D printing technology improves, namely increases in unit production speed, 3D printing will become even more fitting for the high-volume manufacture of aircraft parts.