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3D Printing Applications Across Industries

Endless 3D Printing Applications
From the dentist’s office to the classroom, a growing number of professionals across verticals are realizing the benefits of 3D printers.  

3D printing is used for direct digital manufacturing (DDM) of end-use parts, eliminating the need for tooling, a centralized production model and shipping logistics. In other cases, 3D printing is a great solution for on-demand, one-off prototype and demonstration model printing. Currently, DDM is mostly used in the low-volume production of high value, customized products. As improvements are made to 3D print technology, DDM may eventually be used for the high-volume production of more common products.

3D printing has been proven to drastically shorten the concept-to-product cycle, decreasing time to market, in addition to lowering costs associated with the material waste of traditional subtractive manufacturing. Recognizing its benefits, several industries have already adopted 3D printing in every stage of the production, from the early concept stages to manufacturing. To learn more about how 3D printing is being used to solve specific challenges, select a vertical below:
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  • Government

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    3D printing has caught the eye of government agencies because of its speedy, on-site delivery. The U.S. Department of Defense, Commerce, Energy and NASA have joined together to invest millions of dollars in a pilot institute on additive manufacturing. The National Additive Manufacturing Innovation...read more
  • Healthcare

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    Print 3D Parts Customized Per Patient Every human body is unique. It’s the reason 3D printing impacts the healthcare industry in such a meaningful way. 3D software enables the easy manipulation of 3D files to print medical implants customized for individual patients like hearing aids and den...read more
  • Manufacturing

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    The Benefits of Additive Manufacturing 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is revolutionizing the traditional production process. Additive manufacturing improves upon traditional subtractive manufacturing processes by eliminating unnecessary material waste, decentralizing production...read more
  • Engineering

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    Get to Market Faster with Rapid Prototyping 3D printers eliminate barriers associated with traditional manufacturing. These improvements in efficiencies allow for agile design and engineering, where last minute design changes make a big impact down the line, not on production timeline. The Freedom...read more
  • Aerospace

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    3D Printed Parts Fly High In an industry where innovation is everything, the ability to shorten the time between initial design and final product is paramount. The aerospace industry has already adopted 3D printing for small batch production and testing of aircraft parts, used in wings and engines....read more
  • Automotive

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    Automotive 3D Printing Applications Jay Leno made 3D automotive printing famous, using the technology to rebuild and print obsolete parts for his antique cars. But 3D, additive manufacturing has been used in the automotive industry now for decades, making the industry one of the earliest adopters o...read more
  • Education

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    Bringing Lessons to Life From elementary schools to universities, 3D printing technology is helping instructors to bring hands-on learning to the classroom. 3D printing lifts lesson plans off of textbook pages and transforms them into engaging and fun learning experiences that better prepare studen...read more