We put the value back in Value-Added Distributor.

ScanSource knows that part of our job as your value-added distributor is to build the tools you need. Tools for exchanging ideas, like our powerful blog, The Source. And tools that help you identify and connect with the right partners, like our innovative partnership directory, SUMOpartner. Whatever your challenge, we have the resources you need to grow your business today.

Who’s using our tools to grow their 3D business? People just like you:

  • The reseller who knows the 3D hardware like a manufacturer rep but doesn’t know where to begin with writing a marketing plan for her business.
  • An eager reseller who wants a piece of the 3D pie, but needs help getting up to speed on all of the new printers he just added to his offerings.


The reseller who’s been there, done that and knows how to do it again… and the reseller who needs a partner with exactly that kind of experience.

3D Printers in Action

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a technology that creates 3-dimensional objects through the layering of materials sprayed, spread, etched or squeezed onto a platform. 3D printing can be used to create automotive parts, aircraft parts, custom-fitting medical implants and educat ...... Learn more »

3D Product Innovation

Think 3D printers are just for creating prototypes? Think again. When it comes to the items that 3D printers can create, the possibilities are endless. Here are videos that demonstrate some of the most innovative products being created by 3D printers. Check back often for the latest innovations!&nb ...... Learn more »