Printers Engineered for Your 3D Materials

From edibles to metals. If you can imagine it, you can print it.
It all boils down to the product. How many pieces does your customer need to make? How quickly does manufacturing need to take place to fulfill orders? And most importantly, what 3D materials are needed?

3D materials are custom engineered to work with a specific 3D printer model and technology to guarantee the quality and desired physical properties of printed objects. These proprietary 3D printing materials can only be purchased from the manufacturer of the 3D printer. 3D materials come in a range of resins and powders designed to meet physical property requirements, like tensile strength, elasticity and heat deflection temperature (HDT). ScanSource 3D offers printers designed to print with a variety of 3D materials, including:
•    High-strength, translucent, colored & textured thermoplastics
•    Stainless steels & tool steels
•    Non-ferrous alloys & super alloys
•    Ceramic materials
•    Odor free, eco-friendly, non-toxic materials
•    Rubber-like materials
•    USP Class VI certified materials for medical applications

The range of available materials makes 3D printing an option across almost any vertical. No matter the material needed and working environment to be considered for an end product, ScanSource 3D can help you find the right 3D material plus printer solutions to meet your customers’ needs.
The ScanSource 3D Advantage
As your customers continue to submit time-sensitive 3D material orders, ScanSource 3D ensures right delivery, right on time. Our centralized distribution model allows us to be agile in fulfilling requests, keeping you and your customers happy.
Not familiar with the 3D market? No problem. Our FASTPATH-3D Partner Program will help you transform industry-leading products into profitable solutions for your customers.

Resellers in our FASTPATH-3D program get exclusive access to value added services, including step-by-step business planning and marketing assistance. We can walk you through the process of adding these products into your existing portfolio. We’ll help you to identify the best ways to promote this technology, help with educating your sales team and even assist with post-purchase technical support.
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  • Infinity Rinse-Away support material

    ScanSource POS and Barcode, US/Canada
    Infinity Rinse-Away is a water-soluble support material available for the Cube and CubePro. Water-soluble material provides the capability to print beyond what is possible with breakaway supports. Parts with organic movements etc. are now all possible thanks to Infinity Rinse-Away. more
  • Nylon Material for CubePro

    ScanSource POS and Barcode, US/Canada
    Nylon for CubePro takes 3D Systems’ most advanced desktop printer beyond a prototyping and hobbyist machine, and turns it into a desktop manufacturing device. A premium material, delivering high quality, durable, strong prints allows CubePro to produce end-use products, as well as prototypes more