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We’re focused on one thing: your business’ opportunity in a hyper-growth market.

3D printing, often described as a "disruptive" technology, is predicted to transform design, engineering, and manufacturing as we know it - across verticals in which your business already specializes. Imagine…

  • The ability to manufacture complex designs not possible with traditional manufacturing
  • Using 3D printers to manufacture products as orders are placed, minimizing shipping costs, eliminating big inventories, speeding delivery, enabling mass customization
  • The ability to create prototypes in a matter of hours to evaluate several concept iterations, preventing costly design flaws and speeding time to market significantly
  • Empowering everyone with the capability and power of DDM, (direct digital manufacturing)

The global 3D printing market is expected to grow by over 500% in the next five years, with a nearly 50% year-over-year growth rate. And ScanSource 3D is prepared and anxious to give you the industry knowledge and best-of-breed product sourcing you need to start and grow your business in 3D printing.

ScanSource 3D is the first value-added distributor (VAD) in the 3D printing industry to offer a products-and-business-solutions program to drive your success in 3D; we call it, “FASTPATH-3D”

ScanSource provides our reseller partners with access to the broadest 3D printer portfolio available and enterprise-level services for a painless entrance into this new market. For resellers ready to not only penetrate the market, but to quickly expand their business, our FASTPATH-3D partner program provides access to an online wealth of 3D printing resources and exclusive 3D business planning services.

Your one-stop-3D-shop, we’re here to support you, from assistance in identifying your target 3D markets to post-purchase support. Our experts start by helping you find the most effective ways to add content-to-print solutions to your portfolio for profitable growth. We’ll evaluate all options, whether that means reaching new markets or expanding business with your existing customer base. FASTPATH-3D provides competitive sales support and vertical-by-vertical industry sales tips and tricks ensure our resellers grow quickly.

As a 3D reseller, you’ll have access to a variety of 3D educational services, from technical operation and repair training to easy access to 3D printing experts. Our full-service support includes on-site product integration and installation for your customers. Become a FASTPATH-3D partner to get access to our ScanSource 3D Centers of Excellence training facility.

As a ScanSource 3D reseller, you’ll have access to the broadest line of 3D printing products. Get industry-leading technology from 3D Systems, the inventor of the 3D printer.

Today, 3D Systems continues to set the bar for the 3D industry, driving development of new technologies. Offering the most 3D printing technologies of any manufacturer on the market today, including power bed fusion and sintering, 3D Systems is paving the way for 3D printing.


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