We can help drive your healthcare business.

As a partner in Healthcare Connect, you will have access to numerous marketing vehicles to help you grow a successful business. ScanSource can assist you with implementing a solid healthcare marketing campaign while also offering educational web seminars, trade shows, events and more. Below are some helpful tips that are essential to marketing successfully to the healthcare vertical.

  • Networking – Meet potential partners and buyers through industry events such as webinars, workshops and demonstrations. This will be very beneficial to winning healthcare business.
  • Telemarketing – Leverage your resources at ScanSource to help qualify leads and set up appointments to ensure a successful close.
  • Advertising – Examine and consider magazines, newsletters, etc. that will hit your target audience as a place to advertise your business and services. ScanSource POS and Barcode can help you generate ads that are targeted to the healthcare market.

While networking, telemarketing and advertising are all useful tools, the key to winning healthcare opportunities is to develop relationship with the key decision makers and be persistent in both you marketing strategy and follow up.