Healthcare Associations and Communities

The Advisory Board Company
Serving nearly 3,000 progressive organizations worldwide, such as healthcare, health benefits and educational organizations alike, The Advisory Board Company provides innovative solutions to their most pressing challenges such that they can “hardwire” best-practice performance.

Cherry Keyboard Healthcare
Keyboards used in hospital and healthcare environments have been recognized as a highly susceptible source of cross contamination. Cherrys J84-2800 Series keyboard allows quick and easy sanitation, ensuring that infection control procedures can be carried out without disruption to patient care and without costly hardware downtime.

Cisco Healthcare Community
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CognitiveTPG Healthcare
CognitiveTPG healthcare printers enhance patient safety by increasing accuracy with admissions and lab work, improving inventory management and asset control, and lowering costs and streamlining workflow within pharmacies. The printers are proven in hospitals, pharmacies and medical facilities around the world to reliably print barcode labels, wristbands, specimen labels, prescriptions and business forms.

Datalogic Scanning Healthcare
Datalogics industry knowledge and experience with AIDC technology are the perfect choice for healthcare providers, as their products are held to industry-leading quality and reliability standards.
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The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) focuses on providing global leadership for the optimal use of Healthcare Information Technology (IT) and management systems.

IBM Healthcare
How can countries succeed in transforming healthcare? By migrating to more personalized healthcare that encourages innovation, improves access to patient information and incorporates advanced clinical knowledge in decision making, you will open a much more robust healthcare IT environment.

Intermec Healthcare
Considering the liabilities that healthcare providers have to guard against like costs and benefits, the necessity for extreme accuracy and efficiency are clear. Intermec offers uncompromising wireless security unmatched performance, centralized support and rapid deployment that healthcare providers can count on.

The Joint Commission
The Joint Commission focuses on quality improvements, standards and industry research.

SATO America Healthcare
Empower healthcare professionals with the tools to enhance their data collection needs and reduce your cost of operation and improve the quality of identification through comprehensive and affordable solutions.

Unitech Healthcare
Unitech features white antimicrobial and disinfectant-ready housing, 2D imager scanners for easy patient bracelet and medication bottle barcode reading and durable construction safeguarding against drops, moisture and dust all ideally suited for point-of-care and pharmaceutical applications.

Zebra Technologies Healthcare
Zebra solutions incorporate text, graphics, barcodes and/or radio frequency identification (RFID) to produce the on-demand labels, tags, ID badges and wristbands that are at the heart of the todays patient safety and hospital productivity initiatives. Zebra barcode and RFID solutions in healthcare deliver innovative ways of helping patients and staff.