Introduction to Healthcare 101

Healthcare continues to be the fastest growing vertical in the POS technology sector and includes divisions such as hospitality, retail, asset tracking and more. The industry’s continued technological advancements, and focus on patient care, have created specific market demand for healthcare-related POS technology. In addition, patient safety, an improved quality of life, and increased HIPAA regulations for record keeping have made acquiring state-of the-art technology a necessity for healthcare providers and hospital systems. ScanSource wants to ensure that we’re doing all we can to help you benefit from this increased demand.

There are four key principles that will help you be a successful reseller and maximize your brand within the healthcare market.

  • Initiate and sustain key partnerships.
  • Do you homework before beginning the process by learning about the products, solutions and associations that are leading the way in today’s healthcare market.
  • Understand the sales cycle and its challenges.
  • Develop your healthcare brand by utilizing our partner marketing assets.