POS Terminals For An Improved Customer Experience

Point-of-sale workstations with easy-to-use touch screen interfaces make employee or self-serve customer check-out a breeze. High-impact touch screen technology for demanding day-to-day POS applications. All-in-one touch screen kiosks provide an integrated solution for data input and check out.

ScanSource POS and Barcode solutions consultants know point-of-sale. As a leading distributor of quality AIDC products, our consultants are continually educated on the latest in point-of-sale technology and solutions. Let us help you discover efficiency-maximizing products to expand your product offerings and grow as a reseller.

Small Form Factor, Big Functionality 

ScanSource POS and Barcode’s inventory of terminals and kiosks includes the latest in POS technology, like all-in-one responsive touch screen interfaces. These programmable terminals can be customized for businesses-specific needs and functionality. Program hot keys for frequently sold restaurant items or design an interface for airport ticketing check-in.

Our selection includes terminals and kiosks for transactions in a variety of verticals:

  • Retail self-serve
  • Healthcare point-of-care terminals
  • Restaurant and bar kiosks
  • Hospitality terminals
  • Bank and financial institution kiosks
  • Airport ticketing and check-in kiosks

Explore ScanSource POS and Barcode’s selection of feature-rich terminals. Find kiosks with high-quality audio and video integration to enhance customer interaction. Our flexible terminal solutions contain ports to accommodate a variety of peripherals. Expand your POS system beyond the terminal with ticketing terminals for high-speed receipt and ticket printing or connect a cash register for secure cash storage and transactions.


Kiosk touch terminals feature all-in-one POS transaction capabilities that improve customer service, customer satisfaction and the overall customer experience. Fan-free infrastructure and stable bases that reduce center of gravity provide superior kiosk terminal performance and increased vibration ...... Learn more »

Self Check Out

Self-service terminals and retail kiosks have revamped the traditional point-of-sale transaction process. Compact designs reduce device footprint while rugged infrastructures allow for rigorous, everyday use in grocery stores and other retail applications. “Retail hardened” kiosk models ...... Learn more »


Stand-alone POS terminals expand POS system support, with simple hardware and peripheral connectivity inputs that maximize network reliability and workstation operation. Ideal for customer-facing retail, back office and other POS applications, these industrial-grade stand-alone POS kiosks and termi ...... Learn more »