Data collection solutions for mobile employees

Mobile computers with built-in aggressive scan engines and voice-recognition technology allow employees to travel and move about while collecting data. Easy-to-use interfaces, no-glare screens and large keypads make these computers powerful tools for both manual and automatic data collection.

ScanSource POS and Barcode, your experts in automated data collection, offers resellers a refined inventory of mobile computers featuring the most advanced voice-activated and scanning technology, including RFID readers. Let our sales reps help you discover innovative and affordable mobile computing solutions for your customers. 


Store and transfer business-critical data in real time

Just because your employees are in the field, it doesn’t mean your data has to be. Mobile computing solutions with fast and reliable wireless connectivity allow for real-time database updates as data is captured in the field, on the sales floor or in the warehouse.

ScanSource POS and Barcode's line up of mobile computers includes hand-held, vehicle-mounted and wearable form factors designed to meet mobility needs for almost any vertical including: retail, warehousing, healthcare, and logistics. Our vendors' mobile computers feature:

  • Built-in electronic signature capture
  • Rugged weather-proof and disinfectant proof casings
  • Quick swap mounting of in-vehicle computers for more efficient in-vehicle to field transitions
  • 2D and imaging technology for automatic data capture
  • Built-in radio frequency ID readers for accurate up-to-the-minute asset tracking


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Mobile Computers

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