Network Security Appliances and Hardware Consolidate Security

Network security appliances and hardware drive network performance while reducing deployment costs. Minimize application time with pre-loaded security software. Consolidate anti-viral, anti-spam and intrusion detection boxes into one single appliance with UTM (unified threat management), and increase security layers with DMZ firewall configurations.

Thousands of resellers have invested in ScanSource POS and Barcode’s industry-leading catalog of network security appliances. Our field experts go the extra mile for our customers after product purchases, educating, training and supporting resellers throughout product implementation.

Network Appliances for Unmatched Security

ScanSource POS and Barcode’s distribution line of network security appliances offers a cohesive set of features, including:
  • Automated failback and failover
  • Site-to-site VPN (virtual private network) support
  • Automated database maintenance
  • Built-in optimization for wireless network statistics analysis and storage

Our rugged inventory of durable network security appliances is ideal for environments interacting with normal, harsh or hazardous conditions.  They are suitable for middle to large sized enterprises including individual office buildings, multi-building organizations, utility facilities, petrochemical sites and military operations.  

Secure Enterprises with ScanSource POS and Barcode Quality

Our sales reps can help you design a network security plan, choose hardware, and install appliances to increase productivity. Explore our network security appliances manufactured by trusted name brands.

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