Fixed-Mount Barcode Scanners Simplify Advanced Scanning.

Fixed-mount barcode scanners deliver next-generation imaging technology and improved first pass scan accuracy for maximized uptime. Perfect for mid to high-volume POS applications, these aggressive fixed-mount barcode scanners feature compact designs for reduced footprints, robust auxiliary and USB port infrastructure for boosted connectivity options and omni-directional scanning patterns for rapid 1D, 2D and PDF barcode symbology parsing. Industry-leading manufacturers deliver cost-effective single-window, self-service and OEM scan engine solutions that conserve power consumption, reducing daily operational expenses. Deploy fixed-mount barcode scanners for added workforce management capabilities, intuitive scanner interface operations and simplified training.
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  • Datalogic Automation Laser 1D Readers

    Datalogic Automation Laser 1D Readers

    Datalogic Automation VS and 2D Readers

    Datalogic Automation VS and 2D Readers

    Datalogic DS1100 Laser Barcode Readers

    The DS100 embedded bar code reader is an ultra-compact cost-effective laser scanner characterized by very compact dimensions, motor on/off software commands, wide reading width at a short reading dis

  • Datalogic DS5100 Laser Barcode Readers

    Datalogic announces the availability of the DS5100, the new flexible, powerful and compact laser scanner.  The DS5100 is a  cost effective solution satisfying the main identification needs

    Datalogic DS6400 Laser Barcode Readers

    The high performance DS6400 industrial laser bar code scanner presents the new Step-a-Head™ feature, reading range from 300 to 2.500mm, new FLASH™ dynamic focus, advanced decoder with code reconstruc

    Datalogic DX8210 Laser Barcode Readers

    Thanks to its unique design, DX8210 offers an ALL-IN-ONE solution for omnidirectional reading stations. This single device is capable of reading codes at any orientation on the conveyor. With the ben

  • Datalogic Gryphon Fixed

    The Gryphon Fixed series provides the perfect fixed mount option for OEM use in various automated and self-contained equipment solutions.

    Datalogic Matrix 120 Barcode Readers

    Matrix 120™ is the smallest ultra-compact industrial 2D imager that fits into any integration space. This is the newest entry level member of the best-in-class Matrix family of high performance indus

    Datalogic Matrix 300N Barcode Readers

    The Matrix 300N™ is power by the new software DL.CODE, offering maximum customer ease of use. The Matrix 300™ combines a high resolution sensor with ultra-fast image acquisition: 1.3 megapixels, 60

  • Datalogic Matrix 410N Barcode Readers

    Matrix 410N™ is equipped with a ultra-fast image sensor, scanning at 2.0 MPixels, with a frame rate of 45 fps. Ethernet connectivity is embedded, including standard communication services (TCP/IP, H

    Honeywell 4850dr Document Reader

    The Honeywell 4850dr is unlike traditional document scanners; the 4850dr imager has no moving parts, requires no regular maintenance, scans barcodes, and comes with a superior three-year warranty. It

    Honeywell Vuquest 3320g Scanner

    The Honeywell Vuquest 3320g was designed with the customer in mind, the unobtrusive illumination contained within the scanner reduces the annoying after-effects commonly associated with the illuminat