2G/3G's Days are Numbered

In just a few months, your chances of experiencing poor coverage, dropped calls, and no access to data dramatically increase. That's when some US wireless carriers* will start decommissioning their non-LTE networks and re-purposing them for LTE.

On top of that, don't ignore what's going to happen after January 1, 2020. Microsoft is ending its extended support of Windows Embedded and Mobile operating systems. That means more security risks and diminishing capabilities from your legacy Windows devices.

There’s no constant like change—especially where technology is concerned—and the OS LTE migration proves it. So, it’s time for your customers to loosen their firm grasp on their legacy devices, because holding onto these products can hold them back. But, the good news is change doesn’t have to disrupt business.

Remember the next year and a half will be highlighted by mobility transitions. During that time:
• Windows OS is going end of life
• Verizon will end its 3G service*

*Zebra recommends that customers contact their wireless carrier representatives to discuss timing of any network changes.