Building value together:
ScanSource, Aruba, and Zebra

Do you do business in the POS, barcoding, or networking space? Here’s how the strategic partnership between ScanSource, Aruba, and Zebra can help you grow your business—through a combination of rugged devices, accurate data capture, always-on networks, and powerful cybersecurity. Together, these capabilities will deliver accurate information to your customers, enhancing business insights and empowering them to make data-driven decisions.

How it started

Back in early 2018, ScanSource talked to Aruba and Zebra about defining a technology partnership and mapping out interoperability, certification, and a go-to-market strategy including internal sales teams as well as reseller engagement.

The partnership was obvious. The products complement each other. Zebra works on multi-vendor, wired and wireless equipment, while Aruba’s industry-leading Wi-Fi solutions deliver network management and visibility tools, analytics, and the security to keep that equipment safe.

“Making sure employees and customers receive the best-possible experience is a key element to our partnership,” says John Moran, Director of North American Distribution. “Together, we can roll out new services quickly. This means the ability to more confidently take advantage of digital technology.”

Best practices: Aruba + Zebra


Zebra and Aruba Healthcare Podcast Episode


Featuring Carrie Henderson and Manny Figueroa

Carrie has been specializing in barcoding solutions at ScanSource for almost 15 years. She currently manages some of our company’s largest healthcare software partners. Within the healthcare space, she focuses specifically on printing, scanning, and mobile computing in the Zebra portfolio.

Manny has been at ScanSource for 19 years, and during that time, he’s worked in all the technical focus groups, including POS; printers; scanning; wireless; RFID—and, most recently, the mobility space. His team works very closely with the sales team, resellers, and vendors, and answers more than 14,000 calls per year.

Why Aruba and Zebra?

When you team with ScanSource, Aruba, and Zebra, you and your customers realize the practical benefits right away. Aruba improves Wi-Fi for eligible Zebra devices with better roaming capabilities and reduced dropouts. Zebra is able to use auto-detection for faster onboarding, as well as automated processes for enhanced security. Lastly, enhanced validation reference designs are available for both voice and data applications, while direct support escalation is even more accessible.

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A foundation of trust


There’s a divide between data quality and its origin, I.e., where that data comes from and how accurate it is. Aruba and Zebra technologies partner to bridge that divide through technology integration, validated reference designs, direct support escalation, and joint integration.

Zebra’s rugged, data-capture technology pairs perfectly with Aruba’s secure networking capabilities in the mobility, voice roaming, LAN switching, and cybersecurity areas. Together, they can create solutions to locate, collect, and deliver Internet-of-Things (IoT) data where it’s needed for healthcare, industrial, government, and other applications.

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Providing trustworthy data, safely


With IoT delivering a raceway of data and context to data-mining engines, workers can gain insights to manage inventory, optimize operations, and improve user experiences. IoT data varies by industry, but can lead to information on processes, users, customers, applications, and environments.

Quality information leads to high-value insights, so validation is especially important to this field. On the other hand, connected devices can easily be undermined without robust cybersecurity. Aruba and Zebra’s pairing provides solutions for these challenges in data accuracy and IoT network security.

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Become a partner


Aruba and Zebra partner programs can help you maximize your profits when you sell products and solutions from these suppliers. Zebra PartnerConnect aims at rewarding Zebra partners as they differentiate their businesses and support mutual customers, while Always On with Aruba is a step-by-step, business-growth plan supported by resources and trainings. Together, these programs can enhance your solution knowledge, accelerate your growth, and keep business fun with regular rewards and networking events.

Zebra PartnerConnect Always On with Aruba

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