ZC350 Card Printer Instant Rebate

Rebate valid from 9/10/2018 - 8/30/2019
Eligibility: Members of the Zebra® PartnerConnect Card Printer Specialization in North America (“Participants”)
The Rebate cannot be combined with Price Concessions. Please note that the ZC350 is not eligible for the Deal Registration Program.
The Rebate cannot be combined with Zebra product promotions, Zebra solution promotions and any other Zebra promotions for the same device.

Available through August 30, 2019, the ZC350 Card Printer Instant Rebate (the “Rebate” or “Promotion”) offers an instant rebate of $75–$125 on the ZC350 card printer, enabling resellers to increase their profitability on opportunities with customers looking for groundbreaking simplicity and speed in a card printer.

Participants can increase their profitability by taking advantage of a recommended upfront rebate on qualified sales of the ZC350 card printer:
     - Single-sided ZC350: Instant rebate of $75
     - Dual-sided ZC350: Instant rebate of $125

See list of eligible SKUs below.
Accessories and services are not eligible for this Rebate.
All instant rebates from Distributors to Participants represent recommended instant rebates only.
Final prices to Participants are determined by the Distributors at their sole discretion.

To take advantage of the Rebate, Participants must provide the appropriate promotion code along with their PartnerConnect Membership # to Distributors when placing their order:
     - ZC350 Single-Sided Promotion Code: NA75ZCSSPROMO
     - ZC350 Dual-Sided Promotion Code: NA125ZCDSPROMO

ZC350 Single-Sided



ZC350 Dual-Sided