Drive Android Adoption with Free MC3300 Cradle Adapters

Eligible to Zebra PartnerConnect program resellers in North America (“Participants”)
Cradle adapters are only free when ordered with a qualifying MC3300
Can be combined with Deal Registration, but cannot be combined with Price Concessions, other product promotions, solution promotions, or any other partner promotions for the same device
Participants must provide the promotion code NAMC33ADPTPROMO, along with their PartnerConnect Membership #, when placing their orders

The MC3300 Cradle Adapter Promotion (the “Promotion”) helps drive increased MC3300 sales by reducing the cost of transitioning to a new device. With this offer, potential MC3300 customers receive free MC3300 cradle adapters with qualified sales of the MC3300 mobile computer. The MC3300 makes it easy to migrate to the next generation in mobility business platforms—Android. The same operating system that took the consumer world by storm is now fortified for business, providing a well-proven mobility platform and guaranteed security support.

This next generation of the highly successful MC3000 series offers everything customers need to run their current terminal emulation (TE) applications right out of the box—or reformat to create intuitive screens that utilize touch to simplify the user experience.

This promotion is available to resellers through 4/27/2019. Don’t miss this opportunity to help your customers eliminate the need to invest in new cradles when they migrate—and redefine productivity for their mobile workforce.