Deliver an Exceptional Checkout Experience in the Busiest Stores

Meet the demands of your retail customers' highest-volume POS lanes with the Zebra MP7000 next-generation, multi-plane 1D/2D imager. Loaded with features that take scanning performance and simplicity to the next level, the MP7000 delivers faster-than-ever checkout in cashier-manned and self-checkout lanes, higher cashier productivity, and POS throughput—and a better shopping experience.

Users get maximum checkout speeds and minimum checkout times with Zebra's most advanced scanning technology, the largest scan zone in this class, and the optional customer-side scanner for self-scanning of electronic and printed coupons and loyalty cards. With our complimentary software tools and predictive diagnostics, users can remotely manage the entire solution and ensure the timely delivery of preventative maintenance, to keep their POS technology up and running.

Innovative Features of the MP7000

Our fastest checkout performance
Our most advanced scanning technology ensures instant capture of virtually every electronic and printed barcode. With the largest scan zone in its class, MP7000 delivers true "swipe-and-go" capability. An optional side scanner lets shoppers scan their own coupons and loyalty cards—easing self-checkout and saving time for cashiers.

Our best TCO
The MP7000 is a great investment, offering incredible total cost of ownership (TCO). It delivers maximum uptime with minimum power consumption—up to 60 percent less than competing devices. Solid-state technology means no moving parts and the fewest failure points in its class. With fewer parts and an upper housing that can be removed without tools, repair and maintenance couldn't be easier. Also, because the MP7000 fits into existing cash wraps, your customers can easily upgrade their POS lanes with the latest technology.

Innovation at the POS
With integrated support for the new Digimarc® barcode, your customers will be fully prepared. Also, with the ability to capture checks, receipts, utility bills, and more, they can automate more processes, so cashiers can process purchases even faster. The recessed illumination is practically invisible—easy on the eyes of cashiers and shoppers.

Unrivaled manageability
With every Zebra MP7000, users get powerful, complimentary management software for easy remote management of their entire scanner solution—scanner, scale, and all attached peripherals, such as a handheld scanner. Also, with predictive diagnostics, the information users need to keep their MP7000 devices up and running is always at their fingertips.

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