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Zebra Barcode Scanners

Accurate data capture via barcode scanners helps a variety of industries keep business operating swiftly and efficiently. For businesses ranging from hospitals and retail spaces, to warehouses and manufacturing plants, Zebra Technologies barcode scanners should be the top choice for those you work with. Speed up checkouts, improve inventory tracking, and more with Zebra scanners.

Types and Benefits of Zebra Scanners

For any business task that requires a scanner, there is a Zebra Technologies option to get the job done efficiently. We offer dozens of Zebra scanner products so you can find the fit for your clients.

Zebra barcode scanners offered by ScanSource include:

Handheld Scanners

Using handheld scanners from Zebra allows employees to capture the data they need in an instant and sync it with the proper networks to keep all parties informed and running smoothly. A Zebra handheld scanner can be used in a retail setting to keep track of inventory and determine when to reorder. A handheld scanner can be used to process checkouts anywhere in a store for a faster and more user-friendly experience.

It can be used in a patient's hospital room to monitor medication dosage, or in a warehouse aisle to manage supplies. Manual data capture processes increase probability of errors and waste time and resources. Using automated and accurate handheld scanning helps keep processes precise and efficient, while rugged designs can withstand the rigors of a demanding environment.

Fixed-Mount Scanners

For hands-free scanning needs, fixed-mount scanners from Zebra can scan high-volume barcode amounts in lightning speed, including 1D, 2D, and direct-part marks.

From quick scanning of items at a boutique, to getting passengers on their flight in time by getting their boarding passes scanned, Zebra fixed-mount scanners can scan mobile, paper, and product etching barcodes in a flash, without taking up a ton of space.

The speed and accuracy of the scanners mean people can keep moving, and the small size makes scanners convenient to place them in a wide variety of areas. Bulky or difficult-to-manipulate scanners take up precious space and waste time.

Presentation Scanners

There are few things more painful than an ever-expanding line of customers waiting because a presentation scanner is not scanning items correctly. With Zebra presentation scanners that allow the user to pass an item over the scanner for data capture, not only are retail situations improved because of impeccable speed and accuracy, but any environment that requires a presentation scanner experiences improved efficiency.

Items on conveyor belts that are going to be shipped can get their data captured instantly, so they have a smooth journey to reach customers. With a variety of sizes and configurations, Zebra presentation scanners can work for diverse business needs.

Healthcare Scanners

In an industry that requires as much accuracy as healthcare, Zebra barcode scanners ensure precision to keep patients and those who work with them safe. Zebra scanners can be used for everything from specimen inventory tracking and labeling, to patient admitting and medication administration.

They can be used in healthcare settings ranging from pharmacies to laboratories to patient rooms, and their rapid data capture means caregivers have more time to focus on patients than having to fumble with a faulty scanner.

A scanner that is inaccurate or doesn't work at the exact moment you need it to increases the chance of costly and potentially dangerous labeling errors, which is not a risk that is acceptable in a healthcare setting.

Scanner Accessories

Everything a business needs to keep a Zebra scanner running optimally is available with high-quality scanner accessories. These include batteries, cables, adapters, mounts, brackets, stands, and more.

For the most comprehensive line of scanners and scanner accessories available, Zebra is an industry leader that combines cutting-edge technology with ease of use. Your clients will love working with Zebra scanner products because they make business operations easier and more accurate to execute.

Become a Reseller With ScanSource

If the benefits of Zebra barcode scanners sound like the solution your clients are looking for, you can become a scanner reseller today with ScanSource. Have questions? Contact us for more information about Zebra products. You can also give us a call at 800-944-2432 to talk with a ScanSource representative to learn more about how Zebra barcode scanners can help your clients.

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