FX9600: Top-Notch Performance for High-Volume, Rugged Environments

To achieve maximum visibility and efficiency in the most rugged environments, customers need an RFID reader that can keep up with the high volume and wide variety of pallets, cases, and tagged items that go in, out, and through their warehouses and dock doors each day. Now, users can get the performance and features they need to handle it all with the FX9600 UHF RFID reader—without breaking the bank. With outstanding read rates, exceptional read accuracy, and premium RF sensitivity, the FX9600 has what it takes to automate nearly every aspect of inventory management—from receiving and put away to picking and shipping—without errors or bottlenecks. The FX9600 offers industry-leading RFID performance—all at an affordable price.

Innovative Features of the FX9600 Fixed RFID Reader

High RF sensitivity for premier performance and efficiency
The faster and more accurately a business can receive, inventory, pick, and ship, the more efficient and profitable its operation can be. The FX9600's eight highly sensitive monostatic RF ports provide the exceptionally high RF sensitivity required to deliver the greatest accuracy and longer read ranges. The result is best-of-breed throughput—even in the densest RF environments with challenging materials, such as metal or liquids.

Premier power
With a top-notch processor and expanded memory, the FX9600 offers the power needed to support very high traffic throughput and sophisticated software applications.

Directly connect to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth-enabled devices
The FX9600 supports a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth dongle for direct wireless connectivity to a Wi-Fi network, as well as Bluetooth-enabled computers and other devices. There's no need for hard-wired connections to the access point.

Compact, streamlined layout
A streamlined layout, with all cabling and input/output ports located on one side of the device, simplifies deployment and management.

Rugged design for tough environments
An extremely durable, die-cast aluminum housing and IP53 sealing deliver the durability needed to ensure uptime—even in damp, dusty work areas, extreme heat, or subzero temperatures.

More read points per reader
In addition to a four-port model, the FX9600 comes in an eight-port model, enabling users to cover more dock doors and portals with fewer readers—significantly lowering initial investment, as well as deployment and management time and costs.

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