The ultimate in rugged vehicle-mounted computing

Warehouse workers need a compact and rugged device that makes installation, migration, and device management easy and cost-effective. Add in an integrated keyboard that supports "green screen" apps and a touchscreen that meets the needs of tomorrow's Android apps, and workers can have it all with the VC8300—the ultimate, ultra-rugged, Android vehicle-mount computer. With its eight-inch screen and keyboard that are integrated into a single, compact housing, the VC8300 is a perfect fit in virtually any warehouse vehicle—even in the most space-constrained stand-up or sit-down forklifts.

The ultra-rugged VC8300 is ready for the most extreme environments—inside the warehouse, out in the yard, on the loading dock, and even in the freezer. Upgrading existing devices is simple and cost-efficient, using mounts and power cables already in place. And, replacement couldn't be easier—just drop it in, and it's ready to go.

When it comes to flexibility, the VC8300 is in a class of its own. Since the same platform is shared with Zebra's rugged handheld and wearable mobile devices, any worker can use any Zebra device with minimal training. This provides the flexibility to deploy workers in different areas of a warehouse to address changing workloads.

Best of all, the VC8300 offers unbeatable value. Only Zebra offers Mobility DNA, a set of value-added, powerful applications that transform Android into an easy-to-manage, robust, enterprise-class OS. So workforce productivity gets a boost, while deployment and application development are as simple as can be.

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