$10 rebate on cash drawers!

From now until June 30, 2020 ScanSource customers will receive a $10 rebate on Star Micronics mPOPs!  Eligible part numbers are listed below. Contact your ScanSource sales rep today!
*This promotion is not valid if standard SND is in place.
*Promotion is valid for customers who have not purchased mPOP in the last 12 months.

Learn more about Star Micronics mPOP HERE.

Part Number Description
 39650011  POP10 WHT US
 39650111  POP10-B1 WHT US
 39650211  POP10 BLK US
 39650311  POP10-B1 BLK US
 39650810  POP10-F WHT US
 39650910  POP10-F BLK US
 39655110  POP10-FB1 BLK US
 39655010  POP10-FB1 WHT US