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ProClip USA, headquartered in Madison, WI, is the exclusive importer to the Americas of a unique and robust line of mobile device holders and mounts manufactured in Karlsborg, Sweden by Brodit AB, a company that was established in 1983 to provide communication device mounting solutions for vehicle interiors.

The ProClip product line was developed by Brodit's President and CEO Ebbe Johansson, who first developed an innovative solution for mounting cell phones, two-way radios and meters in Swedish taxis - without damaging the dashboard. Demand for Ebbe’s practical and effective solution quickly spread to other industries and markets, to the benefit of hundreds of thousands of mobile device users both personally and professionally, in more than 30 countries over the past 32 years. Currently, more than 6000 unique Brodit dashboard mounts and device holders are distributed in more than 30 countries worldwide.

The ProClip solution consists of two parts:

  1. A device holder (either charging or passive) for the phone, mobile computer, radio, or tablet in question.
  2. A mount specific to the vehicle or other mounting environment (dashboard or pedestal).

All ProClip holders and dashboard mounts are CNC machined from high-grade ABS or Acetal plastics, to precise tolerances for an exact fit. Device holders are made to fit a specific make and model of device (smartphone, PDA, mobile computer, tablet, GPS, radio, etc.), and each dashboard mount is designed to attach securely and precisely within the seams of the dashboard of a particular make, model, and year of vehicle. No holes to drill, or hardware required.

Brodit’s precision machining (vs. injection molding) approach to manufacturing dramatically reduces product start-up costs and shortens time to market; both critical benefits to ProClip channel partners and corporate clients deploying ever changing mobile devices at an increasing rate.

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