Posiflex XT Series: Posiflex XT3215

In today's in-store retail environments and restaurants, every single component within a physical space affects the user experience. Today's customers want quick and efficient transactions, and they want to shop and dine in settings that are relaxing, comfortable, and clutter free. The Posiflex XT Series, including the fan-free Posiflex XT3215, offer sleek and innovative point-of-sale products that get the job done efficiently.

Since 1984, Posiflex has been a world leader in the POS industry, making them a favorite brand for resellers serving a wide variety of clients. With a focus on the best technology and quality, plus amazing pricing and customer service, Posiflex doesn't just create reliable POS devices that employees and customers enjoy using. Posiflex is a leader in exemplary support and innovation, constantly working to design the best new products that keep costs low and improve productivity.

When you become a Posiflex reseller with ScanSource, you get access to the latest POS devices and so much more. Our dedicated team of Posiflex experts work with you to bring the best Posiflex has to offer to your clients who need it. From affordable pricing, to beautiful design, Posiflex from ScanSource is a leader in point of sale for many reasons.

Benefits of Posiflex XT Series and Posiflex XT3215

Posiflex has been an industry leader for decades because of the company's innovative design that serves industries including retail, dining, hospitality, healthcare, gaming, entertainment, and many more. The sleek and simple design of the Posiflex XT3215 makes it a perfect fit or just about any environment, as it seamlessly blends into a space without being intrusive. The touchscreen computer has a foldable base that allows it to fit into any unique area and work perfectly for employees.

Other benefits of the Posiflex XT3215: 

  • It's dust-, temperature-, and spill-resistant. Especially for busy businesses where elements may interact with technology, like restaurants, having a POS that can withstand exposure to things like dust and liquids is crucial. It has also been extensively tested to work in rugged environments that may present extremes in temperature, vibration, shocks, or static. The Posiflex XT3215 stays strong when your clients need it to.
  • It's powered by top technology. The Posiflex XT3215 has a cutting-edge Intel processor to ensure top performance, and comes with 4GB of memory. It supports operating systems including Windows, and Linux upon request, and features upgrade options like a backup battery and PoweredUSB. Businesses can run any applications on their systems without worrying about security or uptime.
  • It has a compact footprint. The Posiflex XT3215 weighs only 12.3 pounds and includes multiple height adjustments to take up even less space. It is extremely mobile and easy to transport, and its low-profile design reduces shipping costs up to 40 percent. 
  • It is great for budget-conscious businesses. Because the Posiflex XT3215 doesn't require a lot of hardware to process transactions perfectly every time, this is an ideal device for enterprises that want an affordable option, whether they need one POS or hundreds. Backed by the Posiflex high standard of durability and dependability, the Posiflex XT3215 is a wise investment that businesses can count on longer than other systems.

The Posiflex XT3215 has many configuration options, including a cash drawer and VESA wall mount for those who need it. Whether you work with clients who need a better POS solution, or you want to be able to provide the best in POS for new clients, the Posiflex XT Series from ScanSource is the option you can count on.

Become a Posiflex XT Series Reseller With ScanSource
At ScanSource, we believe we are only successful if our clients are able to provide their customers with the best technology solutions. We back brands like Posiflex because our experts are constantly researching and testing new technology, so we can offer personalized recommendations that help our clients and their businesses thrive.

We'll learn about the businesses you work with, so you can be sure you're matching them up with the best technology solutions to boost their bottom lines. We're confident the Posiflex XT Series is an excellent POS solution, and we are here to support you with training, promotions, and service as you show the value to your client.

If you'd like to learn more about how to become a reseller of Posiflex XT Series and more technology with ScanSource, we're here for you now. Fill out our form online to sell Posiflex, or give us a call at 800-944-2432 for more information.


    • Intel D525 / 1.8GHz dual core
    • 2GB DDR3 memory (4GB maximum)
    • Resistive touch
    • Fan free
    • Dual Gigabit LAN
    • Digital brightness control
    • VESA mount capability
    • Slim, folding base design
    • Optional solid state drive and WiFi
  • Secondary Displays


    Cash Drawers