Pioneer Tablets: Dependable and Durable

In just about any industry today, mobility, speed, ease of use, and the best in technology are required to keep businesses of all sizes moving ahead of competitors. Pioneer tablets are durable and dependable, easy to use and intuitive, and come loaded with the latest tech specifications to allow employees to do their jobs efficiently. When used as point-of-sale devices, customers appreciate the familiarity of the devices, which improves the shopping experience and improves sales for businesses.

The Pioneer tablets offer breakthrough technology, yet feature simple interfaces that allow them to be quickly mastered by professionals and customers alike. When you sell Pioneer products through ScanSource, you get to present amazing products to your clients. You also receive a business partner in ScanSource that is here to offer training and support, so your own business can be elevated and you can better serve your clients.

Tablets by Pioneer for Any Use

Pioneer is regarded as a top tablet producer because of the elegant design and amazing technology. Your clients will love the features of Pioneer tablets.

Pioneer T3
This versatile tablet works exactly how your clients want it to. Easy to hold and transport, with a lightweight build, the Pioneer T3 can also be mounted to a wall or attached to a base. Its durability makes it safe to use in the most rugged of conditions, from warehouses to shipping docks, or even on a counter in a busy shopping environment.

High-quality technology includes built-in cameras and Wi-Fi, enabling always-on connectivity no matter where a person is using the device. Bluetooth capabilities allow users to connect the tablet to other devices, making it a smart solution that immediately adapts to what a business is already working with.

The Pioneer T3 comes pre-loaded with Windows 10, making it easy to use for those familiar with the operating system, and cutting migration time.

The Pioneer T3 is a tablet your clients can count on again and again. It thrives in a retail setting, since its customizable qualities allow it to quickly get to work as a mobile POS device.

Pioneer T2
Created for the most rugged of environments, the Pioneer T2 is built to withstand extreme use in the most demanding of settings. Users will love how easy it is to carry, hold, and use, yet how strong and reliable it is. Weighing in at only 1.5 pounds, this 7-inch tablet can withstand a 4-foot drop. It is also protected from dust and spills, making it a highly dependable solution no matter where it is used.

The tablet can immediately start working with compatible systems, and developers require less time to migrate or develop mobile applications for the tablet. More innovative technology built into the Pioneer T2 includes two USB ports, a headphone jack, an internal speaker, and microphone. For clients who require impeccable communication among team members, the Pioneer T2 is a top solution.

Clients even have the option to add on rear and front web cameras, making the Pioneer T2 an all-in-one tool that adapts for any business use. A breeze to use but extremely tough and sturdy, the Pioneer T2 fits a wide range of client verticals.

Like all Pioneer products, each tablet is built to be refined yet dependable, powered by technology that increases productivity. Clients appreciate these comprehensive solutions that deliver return on investment because of improved efficiency.

Sell Pioneer With ScanSource Now

Almost any business can benefit from a mobile tablet solution. Having a computer at your fingertips means you can instantly communicate with team members, you can coordinate inventory, you can monitor operations, and you can check out customers and move business quickly along. If you work with clients in retail, healthcare, shipping, manufacturing, transportation, or any other type of industry that can benefit from mobile computing, Pioneer tablets are amazing options. If you are interested in selling Pioneer tablets and other Pioneer products, ScanSource is here to help. We work to get to know the clients you have, so we can provide the best recommendations of Pioneer products to sell.

When you resell with ScanSource, you have access to our dedicated team who values your partnership, and is here to provide support and training when you need us. If you would like to learn more about how to sell Pioneer tablets with ScanSource, contact us online for information, or give us a call at 800.944.2432.