Pioneer CarisTouch Touchscreen Computer for Healthcare

The world of healthcare demands dependable technology that ensures the protection of sensitive patient information, while withstanding volatile elements. Computing solutions in healthcare must be fast, reliable, safe, and easy to use for nurses, doctors, and other key staff.

The Pioneer CarisTouch line, including the new CT18, is a breakthrough all-in-one touchscreen computer offering, adaptable for a variety of diverse healthcare environments, and able to handle the rigors of such a vitally important and ever-changing field.

The Pioneer CarisTouch line includes the customization features today's healthcare settings need in order to best serve patients. With the ability to add badge and barcode scanners to the device, and with the option to use the touch computer with an LCD arm or mobile cart stand, the Pioneer CarisTouch is a top choice for healthcare providers around the country that want to utilize the best in technology to improve operations in the industry.

Other benefits of the battery-operated CT18 include a battery life that is longer than competitor’s, and a touch feature that can be disabled when cleaning. The CT18 battery is hot swappable, and an LED light under the screen is iexcellent when used in darker environments.

For patient check-in, nurse stations, computerized physician order entry, electronic medication administration records, nurse documentation, infotainment, and so much more, the Pioneer CarisTouch works however a healthcare provider wants it to.

Benefits of the Pioneer CarisTouch CT18 and More

Not all touchscreen computers are created equally, and that's why the Pioneer CarisTouch was designed specifically with healthcare providers in mind. Embraced by physicians, nurses, and other pros in the industry, the Pioneer CarisTouch makes working with data simpler. Healthcare employees can take advantage of the streamlined design and optimal tech of the Pioneer CarisTouch, to better focus on patient health and satisfaction.

There are many ways the Pioneer CarisTouch stands out among touchscreen computers and is an exceptional choice for healthcare settings.

The Pioneer CarisTouch:

Is Strong and Sturdy for Busy Healthcare Settings

In environments where conditions are constantly changing, the Pioneer CarisTouch never flinches. It is created with built-in protection against liquid sprays and surface micro-organisms, with an innovative enclosure that features an advanced anti-microbial additive. Functionality and appearance remain unchanged after millions of uses.

Integrates With the Latest Technology
The Pioneer CarisTouch is designed with Intel computing technology, ensuring access to speedy and always-on connectivity and applications. Configuration is customizable, since the Pioneer CarisTouch can work as a thin client that runs applications off the server, or as a solution that runs complex applications under Windows.

Provides Data Protection
Patient data protection is vital in healthcare, and the Pioneer CarisTouch is a device professionals count on to deliver the most secure patient data use in the industry. A privacy filter may be internally embedded in the Pioneer CarisTouch, so that only the person who is directly in front of the screen can read information.

Offers Even More Customization
Since the Pioneer CarisTouch comes with several USB and serial ports, your clients can integrate devices such as a biometric reader, barcode scanner, proximity reader, badge reader, and more into the touchscreen computer. Healthcare professionals can use each Pioneer CarisTouch machine to perform the exact functions they want.

Has a Longer Shelf Life and Provides Cost Savings
Each model of the Pioneer CarisTouch, is available for at least five years. This allows healthcare settings to conduct large roll-outs and install the same model during the future. Training is lowered, and familiarity increases. Each model has a consistently longer shelf life than competitors, resulting in substantial cost savings for a healthcare organization.

For every type of healthcare application your clients can think of, the Pioneer CarisTouch provides a solution. The Pioneer CarisTouch is often used with the Pioneer T3 tablet, which is another dependable and durable solution powered with the latest technology in tablet form.

Sell the Pioneer CarisTouch With ScanSource

If you work with clients that are in the healthcare industry and want a technology solution they can trust, the Pioneer CarisTouch is a superb choice. Become a reseller with ScanSource, and you can look forward to training and support to sell the Pioneer CarisTouch, and assistance whenever you need it.

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