The NCR Authorized Sales and Service Provider Program (ASSP) is designed to be simple, comprehensive, and profitable for solution partners. With NCR ASSP you are afforded the luxury of a modularized service offering ranging from a complete hands off approach, to a full line servicing partner, to anywhere in between.

With the NCR ASSP program, you have the opportunity to choose from the following programs:

  • Lead Referral
  • Contract Referral
  • Shared Service
  • Service Partner

Each program is specifically designed to meet the needs of your customers, while providing you with an additional revenue stream commensurate to your involvement. With Lead Referral, all you have to do is provide NCR with a maintenance lead. NCR takes care of the rest. With Contract Referral, you do the selling of services as part of the solution offering, then simply turn the contract over to NCR. Shared Service allows you to run a first line help desk, while contracting NCR services as needed. And finally, the Service Partner option allows you to service what you sell. By choosing any one of these programs, or by selecting two or more, it is easy to see how the NCR PSP can add value to your total solution sale.

It is important to note that you must enroll in NCR ASSP to take advantage of the program’s opportunities. The enrollment process is simple, and it can be started by calling the ASSP Hotline listed below. Additional details on the four ASSP options are included in the presentation below.

ASSP Hotline: (800) 865-8596

ASSP Overview