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  • MagTek DynaPad

    MagTek DynaPad

    MagTek DynaPro Go

    MagTek DynaPro Go

    MagTek iDynamo 5 Gen II

    MagTek iDynamo 5 Gen II

    MagTek kDynamo

    MagTek kDynamo

  • MagTek tDynamo

    MagTek tDynamo

    Magtek Accessories

    All the accessories you need for MagTek products.

    MagTek BulleT

    With the BulleT Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA), security comes with the flexibility and portability of a Bluetooth wireless interface. Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the Bul

    MagTek Cables

    All the cables and power supplies you need for any Magtek device is available right here!

  • MagTek cDynamo

    The cDynamo makes mobile payments easier than ever. It delivers a form fitted enclosure case with integrated secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) for iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Air 2 to keep th

    MagTek Dynamag

    The Dynamag Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA) is MagneSafe™ secured and offers a reliable and convenient swipe path with complete security features for peace of mind. Specifically designed to m

    MagTek DynaPro

    The DynaPro is a secure PIN-entry device. It protects the cardholder data whether it is read using the MagneSafe ™ Secure Card Reader Authenticator (SCRA), contact or contactless smart card reader. I

    MagTek DynaPro Mini

    MagTek's DynaPro Mini is a handheld device that combines a secure PCI PTS 3.x, SRED compliant PIN Entry Device with a MagneSafe secure card reader authenticator (SCRA) and an EMV Smart Card reader. T