• Android 4.2.2 Operating System
  • 5.9" Capacitive Touch Screen
  • IP54 Rated for Water and Dust
  • Honeywell N5600 with 2D Adaptus Imaging Technology
  • WLAN, WWAN, Bluetooth v4.0 BLE
  • 5.0MP Rear Facing and 1.2MP Front Facing Cameras
An industry game changer.
With an increasing need for access to information anywhere, anytime, tablet adoption in the enterprise continues to rise. As organizations look to transform business processes and increase worker productivity, the need for a purpose-built, flexible, and rugged tablet is greater than ever.

Janam’s XT1 rugged mini-tablet with the Android operating system is their lightest and most powerful rugged tablet, delivering game changing performance to the mobile workforce. The XT1 combines best-in-class technologies with a sleek and rugged design, providing mobile workers with the information they need to make better informed decisions at the point of activity, improve operational efficiencies, and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It’s technology at work™.

Raising the bar.
Consumer devices are not built to withstand the rigors of everyday use in the enterprise. Smartphones with displays that are too small to be usable quickly become obsolete. Rugged tablets are unwieldy, heavy, and expensive. Janam’s XT1 changes all that. The XT1 rugged mini-tablet is a next-generation, mobile solution, built to meet the diverse needs and demanding requirements of enterprise and government customers.

The XT1 is designed to provide years of reliable operation for mobile workers in field sales, field service, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. Its small and lightweight form factor offers ultimate flexibility, while features like IP54 sealing and hardened touch screen glass help ensure resistance to damage. The XT1 comes with integrated 2D barcode scanning technology to eliminate the challenges often associated with camera scanners or bulky sled attachments. Its integrated RFID/NFC reading capability provides powerful hooks for applications that rely on more diverse modes of data capture. Equipped with 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band WLAN and optional 3G WWAN technology, the XT1 allows for high-quality and reliable data communication. With the XT1, mobile workers are armed with the tool they need to get the job done.