Inventory Tracking Software for Every Industry

    Developer of Inventory Control Software

    IntelliTrack is one of the world’s leading providers of affordable, easy-to-use inventory management software. With our innovative barcode and RFID technology, our software improves inventory accuracy, worldwide.

    The Inventory, Barcode and RFID Expert

    Comprehensive – By integrating barcode, RFID, batch, and WiFi data collection, our clients have come to expect cutting edge inventory solutions.

    Diverse – IntelliTrack provides robust off-the-shelf software solutions for multiple industries. We offer software applications for:

    • Inventory Control
    • Fixed Asset Management
    • RFID Fixed Assets
    • RFID Compliance
    • Stockroom Management
    • Proof of Delivery
    • Check-In/Out
    • Warehouse Management

    Client Centered – Count on our engineers, technical support specialists and account managers to readily address the operational challenges you face every day.

    Cross-Platform Compatible – IntelliTrack applications run on Microsoft Windows CE, Windows Mobile and CE .NET. Our systems also support a host of system manufacturers, including:

    • Motorola Solutions
    • Intermec
    • LXE
    • Handheld Products
    • Unitech
    • Datalogic
    • Teklogix

    Proven – After 24 years and 20,000 installations worldwide, IntelliTrack can resolve the most complex or the most tedious data management issue. The results are cost effective; the solutions are easy to apply.


    IntelliTrack has a broad range of inventory solutions. We have software that can track your assets, packages in your mailroom, your tools or equipment, manage your spare parts inventory or run your warehouse. ...... Learn more »