Improve workflow performance.

Today’s enterprises are continuously evolving.  Workers need to be more mobile and responsive to meet the needs of today’s customers and equipping your team with the right tools is the first step.

The Dolphin 75e optimizes staff to deliver results.

Featuring an intuitive touch screen interface, the all new Dolphin 75e dramatically reduces training and adoption time for workers. The sleek, lightweight design is pocketable, and offers users the flexibility to capture data using speech, stylus, touch, and more.  Finally, a single device for multiple workflows. 

The Dolphin 75e is ready to keep pace with business.   

Whether engaging customers, managing inventory, or performing a quality audit - speed and efficiency are key.  The 75e offers instant access to data-intensive applications, allowing staff to get more work done in less time with enough battery power to last beyond a full shift.  Backed by a durable IP67 rating, the 75e is ideal for use in the retail backroom, busy shopping areas, and in hectic line-busting environments.

The Dolphin 75e enriches your enterprise.

Data capture is easy with the vivid, daylight viewable screen; high performance imager for barcode scanning; and 8.0 megapixel camera.  Offering push-to-talk and Bluetooth capabilities, reliable wireless connectivity, and a full suite of accessories, the 75e delivers breakthrough productivity gains – all with a low total cost of ownership.