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  • Equinox Privacy Shields

    Equinox Privacy Shields

    Equinox Stylus

    Equinox Stylus

    Equinox Cables/Adapters

    Cables and adapters for your Equinox terminal needs

    Equinox L5300 Terminals

    L5300 is a 5.7" screen, customer facing, color display device made for multilane and high-volume retailers. Available for all forms of payments including: EMV, contactless, and NFC capable.

  • Equinox Luxe 3300a

    The Luxe 3300a is an all-in-one payment device that supports magnetic stripe, EMV and contactless payments. An integrated PIN pad, printer and full-color signature capture touchscreen display elimina

    Equinox Luxe 6200m

    The Luxe 6200m combines smart, modern design features with a flexible and secure architecture to enhance and elevate the customer experience wherever it takes place: at the checkout, in the aisles, t

    Equinox Luxe 8500i

    The Luxe 8500i integrated payment terminal combines sleek, elegant design features with a smart and secure architecture that elevates the customer experience by turning the point of sale into an enga

    Equinox Modules

    Includes Non-SRED, SRED, Communication Modules to add to your Equinox terminal

  • Equinox Power Supplies/Cords

    Power supplies and cords for your Equinox terminal needs