EnvisionTEC — 15 Years Better

When it comes to choosing 3D printers and materials, it all comes down to the final 3D printed part. How accurate is it? Does it require post-processing? If so, how much? Is it functional for fit and testing? Are the materials durable and flexible? How much heat can they take?

At EnvisionTEC, we aren't new to this 3D printing thing. And we aren't re-inventing it either. Our leaders have been on the front lines of the additive manufacturing movement — actually inventing and developing the field since its infancy. And it shows.

Our 3D printers and materials are just better — backed by more than 15 years of development and exclusive patent-protected processes. That means the objects that come off our machines are better, too. Let us print your part, on your printer of choice, and prove it to you.

ScanSource and EnvisionTEC Open House

Join us at the ScanSource and EnvisionTEC Open House on Tuesday, February 28, 2017, at the EnvisionTEC headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan! If you're interested in attending, please contact ScanSource 3D at 855.252.6589 to learn more, and to register*.

*Attendance is limited to 24 attendees—a maximum of two people per company.