Engineered Network Systems, ENS, is an industry leader in credit/debit terminal mounting solutions. We design and manufacture everything from carts, cabinets, and kiosks to workstations, flat-panel mounts, and shelves for top companies throughout North America and the world. Our goal is very simpleto be the best possible ScanSource reseller partner so that the broadest array of resellers can experience the world-class products, customer service, and value that ENS has to offer.

At ENS, we’re committed to providing superb quality, outstanding customer service, and competitive pricing. With more than 80 years of combined engineering experience and tens of thousands of SKUs shipped every year, we’re big enough to be an industry leaderyet small enough to know you by name.

ENS is a member of the ScanSource Satellite Program that makes uniquely selected products available to ScanSource resellers. These products are ordered just like traditional vendor products—with the additional commitment from each participating vendor to provide direct, technical, and pre- and post-sale support. We encourage partners to review the ScanSource Satellite Program tab for more details.

 ENS Product Support  
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 Direct Contact:
    • Dennis Mos
    • VP Business Development and Channel
    • Tel: 858.688.3672
    • dmos@ens-co.com
Our experience encompasses more than 15 years of:
*Selling our products to the largest vertical markets (retail, restaurants, hospitality, banking, petroleum, medical).
*Partnering with the largest payment companies in the world, such as VeriFone, Ingenico, Equinox, Pax, and MagTek.
*Working with the largest POS providers in the world, such as Elo Touch Solutions, Fujitsu, NCR, PAR, and Toshiba.

Our Value to ScanSource:

All ENS products are manufactured in the US. Once you have samples of our products in your hands, you’ll see why ENS is well-known for creating premium quality products.
Based on our long-term partnerships with the largest payment companies in the world, we are a leader in mounting payment terminals. Our products pair with any payment terminals produced by Verifone, Ingenico, Equinox, Pax, MagTek, and many more.
Whether your customer needs a monitor, touchscreen, payment terminal, printer, or keyboard, ENS has the mounting solution.
If your customers are seeking a sleek and sturdy enclosure for their mobile point-of-sale projects, ENS has solutions that allow seamless mobility.
With the market exploding with tablets for multiple uses, ENS is able to provide a mount or enclosure for any tablet in any environment.
ENS has the expertise in engineering to create a custom mount, POS enclosure, rack, or shelf that is specific to your customer’s exact needs.