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  • Datalogic RFID Antennas

    Datalogic RFID Antennas

    Datalogic Vision Sensors DataVS2

    Datalogic Vision Sensors DataVS2

    Datalogic Rhino II

    Datalogic Rhino II

    Datalogic Shield

    Datalogic Shield

  • Datalogic Automation VS and 2D Readers

    Datalogic Automation VS and 2D Readers

    Datalogic Axist Full Touch PDA

    The DL-Axist™ rugged PDA with Android™, perfect for every vertical from industrial to retail.

    Datalogic Bar Coding Accessories

    Miscellaneous Datalogic accessories including cables, mounts, stands, holsters, as well as some replacement parts.

    Datalogic Bar Coding Batteries

    Spare batteries for Datalogic cordless scanner units.

  • Datalogic Barcoding Cradles and Battery Chargers

    Charging devices for Datalogic cordless scanners as well as batteries.

    Datalogic Cables and Adapters

    Cables and power supplies for Datalogic scanner units

    Datalogic Cobalto CO5330

    The Cobalto presentation scanner featuring a stylish look, configurable audio, and top of the range speed and motion tolerance for 1D reading.

    Datalogic DS1100 Laser Barcode Readers

    The DS100 embedded bar code reader is an ultra-compact cost-effective laser scanner characterized by very compact dimensions, motor on/off software commands, wide reading width at a short reading dis

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