Cherry's NEW EZClean 4100 Compact Keyboard

CHERRY’s EZClean 4100 keyboard features a smooth silicone cover that’s easy to clean with most standard medical cleansers and disinfectant wipes, while providing an exceptional tactile feel for typists. The patent-pending EZClean keyboard is targeted at hospitals, nursing homes and medical clinics looking to reduce the spread of healthcare-acquired infections.

CHERRY’s EZClean keyboard provides the perfect solution. Its thin silicone cover provides a smooth surface that’s easy to clean with the swipe of a disinfectant wipe. It’s also easy to type on, while providing a barrier to keep germs and bacteria out of hard-to-clean areas. The EZClean is based upon our proven, G84-4100 keyboards, with ML mechanical keyswitch technology.

Key Benefits

• High level of reliability and precise tactile feedback

• Minimal space requirements

• Easy-to-clean surface that stands up to common cleaning solutions

• Complete functions of a standard keyboard

• Ideal for 11" rack mount, medical cart and mobile applications

Learn more about the EZClean 4100 or Cherry's other eHealth products! Call a ScanSource representative at 1-800-944-2439.