CAP Software Services for End Users

CAP Software can provide a variety of services directly to reseller’s end-user customers to assist with support, installation, and training.  Many of our resellers focus on lead generation and sales efforts and leverage our reseller support services to assist their customers after the initial sale.

These services fall into three categories: Installation, Initial Training, and Ongoing Support.

Installation includes telephone and VPN support of a new installation.  Someone on-site is still responsible for hardware setup, network configuration, and any other physical requirements.  Once that is done, our technicians can remotely install the software, drivers, and other applications.  We can configure local settings and ensure that the system is fully operational and ready for us.  We can also import inventory databases to reduce manual entry of data. These services are available in 1 and 3 hour blocks of time.

Initial Training includes web-based one-on-one training sessions with a CAP training specialist to help a customer learn to use their system properly and completely.  We can do Webex sessions for general training, or we can remotely connect to the customer’s system to train them on their own system.  Training includes basic user training for cashiers and casual staff, as well as in-depth training on back office and managerial functions for higher level employees.  This service is available in 1, 3, and 5 hour blocks.

Ongoing Support is available as a service for resellers who do not wish to provide first level software support to their end users.  Resellers can purchase an annual support agreement that covers one year or 5 total hours of direct phone/web support services with trained CAP technicians.  This service is for support AFTER the initial installation, and is NOT for configuration or training of the end user. We will troubleshoot and resolve all CAP Software problems, and we will attempt to diagnose related hardware issues.  We will NOT address network security, permissions, or configuration issues.  These are the responsibility of the local IT administrator. 

Contact CAP Support at or 817.560.7007.  CAP Support hours are 8:30 am - 5:30 pm CST.