Add RFID Reading Capability to Bluebird's Mobile Computers 

Bluebird's RFR900 adds UHF RFID reading capability to Bluebirds touch mobile computers.   Designed as an ergonomic pistol grip handle, the RFR900 is ideal for use in retail, manufacturing, and distribution.

Long range and high-speed RFID reading
RFR900 combines high-speed reading with the ability to read over 600 tags per second with an extended reading distance of up to six meters.  In addition, RFR900 is able to store over 40,000 RFID tags in batch mode.

Ergonomic RFID pistol grip
RFR900 enables you to add long range UHF RFID reading capability to EF400, EF500, & EF500R.  Need to read barcodes too? Just press the button on the side of the mobile computer to switch between RFID and barcode scanning.

Smart charging
RFR900 can be charged with Bluebird’s touch mobile computer series (EF400, EF500, & EF500R) making charging easier and more convenient. 

SDK for easy integration
Bluebird offers a software developer kit (SDK) with a full set of APIs, making it easier to integrate RFID reading to any application.

Industrial-grade durability
RFR900 incorporates Bluebird’s proprietary TankSmith™ technology, which means it has been tested for maximum reliability in tough, industrial environments. It features a 4 ft drop specification and an IP54 rating that protects it against water and dust.

Extended product life cycle
When purchasing a Bluebird product, you can be sure that the product will be supported for several years to come. Unlike suppliers of consumer-grade devices, Bluebird stands behind it's products for years, significantly extending the product life cycle and protecting your customers investment in Bluebird products.


Dimensions 5" x 2.7" x 5.7"
Weight 11.5 oz
Data Capture 1D/2D imager
RFID Performance Read Rate : 600+ tags/sec
Read Range : 20+ ft. / 6+ m.                                                                               
 Pairing Bluetooth 
 Compatible Devices EF400, EF500, & EF500R 
Ruggedness 1.2m/4ft. drop per MIL-STD 810G
IP54 Sealing
3.64v, 3050mAh