Improving Efficiency and the Quality of Care

Healthcare professionals are required to communicate, collaborate, and securely access sensitive data while ensuring patient safety. Bluebird mobile computing solution delivers the proven performance, high reliability, and all the functionalities healthcare workers and hospitals need.  

What Benefits Can Your Nurses and Staff Enjoy?

Disinfectant-Ready Housing
Designed to withstand regular exposure to harsh cleaning agents, the EF400/EF500 is compatible with a variety of common wipe forms of disinfectant solutions used in hospitals to sanitize medical devices.

Full-Shift Power
Bluebird’s efficient power-management solution and user-replaceable battery deliver full-shift reliability. Hot Swap mode lets the users change the battery without having to reboot. keeping the device in service 24/7.

Best-in-Class Scanning Performance
With the advanced scanning technology, clinicians capture 1D- and 2D-barcodes, and the most problematic barcodes found in pharmacies, labs, and at the point-of-care, quickly and accurately.

Efficient Voice Communication with BlueSIP™
Bluebird VoIP software solution, BlueSIP™, provides cost-effective, flexible voice communication that extends PBX features to Bluebird mobile computers, turning them into fully-featured mobile desk phones that empower nurses and clinicians to provide better patient care.

Durability for Everyday Use
EF400/EF500 looks sleek like a smartphone, but delivers enterprise durability that consumer devices lack. Built for all-day use in the healthcare environment, the device have been engineered to withstand drop and shock, as well as exposure to heat and freezing temperatures.

Enterprise Security and Support
With Bluebird’s device-management solution BluePRO™, EF400/EF500 provides initial provisioning and device control, allowing multi-user log-on and easy device sharing, while delivering enterprise security by preventing unauthorized users from accessing data, as well as the installation and opening of unauthorized apps.

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