Introducing Bluebird – Our NEW Enterprise Mobility Partner

Bluebird is an innovator and global manufacturer of industrial handheld computers, tablets and mobile payment devices.  From secure mobile payments to workforce automation and customer engagement, Bluebird's broad product portfolio spans all markets, connecting people to information wherever they need it.  Bluebird products are designed by industry experts and have been thoroughly tested in real-life scenarios to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

  • Only One Provider
    The only manufacturer that provides both Enterprise Mobility and Payment Solutions.
  • 22 Years
    +22 years of delivering high quality products and world-class services.
  • 120 Countries
    Bluebird products have been widely deployed in over 120 countries around the world.
  • 3,000 Customers
    Bluebird has helped more than 3,000 customers automate systems and increase efficiency.
  • 10,000 Applications
    Together with the world’s leading enterprise services partners, Bluebird has helped optimize countless work environments.

By partnering with both ScanSource and Bluebird, you have the opportunity to not only expand your business, but also increase your sales while ensuring excellent customer service!


Expand and enhance your business with the future of mobile technology! From tablets and mobile computers to RFID Readers and more, Bluebird offers cutting-edge, high-quality mobile technology supporting all industries.  Explore the various industry-leading products Bluebird has to offer. ...... Learn more »


With 22 years of experience delivering the most reliable and up-to-date mobility solutions to 3,000+ customers across multiple verticals, Bluebird is committed to supporting customers' streamlined workflow, improving workforce productivity and efficiency, and maximizing your mobile solution in ...... Learn more »