APG’s NEW Stratis Integration System


Moving to a tablet-based system? Still want the look and feel of an integrated POS terminal, while maintaining the flexibility of Thinbility POS? The Stratis Integration System can solve your problems. Designed to present the tablet to both the clerk and the customer with a smooth rail system, the Tablet Holder has a pleasing look and is feature rich. The adjustable clamping system allows for a variety of tablet sizes to be used. A hidden button releases the tablet, converting it from a Thin POS station to a mobile solution in seconds. The magnetic base secures the Tablet Holder to the drawer for easy and secure placement.

Cable management is included with the Stratis Integration System, allowing the retailer to hide a variety of peripheral power cables, including the tablet’s USB charging cable. The Stratis cash drawer comes standard with a chrome strip on the rear of the drawer which faces the customer. Retailers can choose to add an optional LED strip, to further add to the aesthetics of the Integration System.

PLEASE NOTE: The Stratis Cash Drawer and The Stratis Tablet Holder are sold separately. To order the full Stratis Integration Solution, please refer to the two separate sets of part numbers below:

Stratis Cash Drawer SKUs: VTC320-BL1617, VTC320-AW1617, VTL320-BL1617, VTL320-AW1617

Stratis Tablet Holder SKUs: VTK-BL0711, VTK-AW0711