APG Cash Drawer Products Offer Exceptional Durability and Reliability

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Strong, sturdy, and stable cash drawers are a must-have in any place that conducts cash transactions. And who wouldn't want a sleek and beautiful design that enhances the surrounding decor while blending functionality with desirable aesthetics?

Regarded as top-industry products, APG cash drawers deliver both exceptional durability and reliability in use. They help transactions happen quickly and securely, so businesses can improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction. Virtually no maintenance is required, allowing businesses around the globe to keep moving forward without missing a beat.

APG cash drawers are beneficial for a wide variety of environments, including hospitality, quick-serve, retail, and grocery settings. With smart technology integration including Bluetooth connectivity options—and a diverse array of options featuring varying interfaces and integration features—there is a customizable cash drawer solution from APG to improve business transactions at any enterprise.

Cash drawers for unique environments

APG provides cash drawers to keep up with any of your clients’ technological needs. A wide range of models adapt to diverse business environments and include:

Series-4000 heavy-duty cash drawer

With flexible storage space and customization options, the industrial-grade materials that compose these cash drawers make them some of the most sought-after, reliable models on the market.

The Series-4000 cash drawer is an APG stand-out, powered with a multifunctional lock, POS platform integration, flexible media storage, coin-roll storage, and resilient materials that keep this drawer working optimally every time. The Series-4000 cash drawer is a perfect choice for theaters, home centers, and convenience/gas station environments.

Series-100 cash drawers

Powerful but compact, the Series-100 cash drawers improve the efficiency of any workstation. With ample storage space for packaged currency and rolled coins, as well as an adjustable media slot divider and other configuration options, this small but mighty cash drawer provides businesses with everything they need to handle fast and secure transactions. Night clubs, fast-food restaurants, and sporting-goods retailers will benefit from the Series-100 cash drawer.

Stratis series cash drawers

For businesses that want a tablet-based POS system equipped with the same security that is expected from APG, the Stratis integration system melds the use of a tablet with elegant and non-invasive design. The tablet is able to face both the customer and the clerk, making it a sleek, customizable option that moves businesses forward in the digital age. Stratis series cash drawers satisfy the desire for the “point of style” retailers are looking for in environments such as coffee shops and boutique stores.

Vasario series cash drawers

These standard-duty cash drawers are affordable options that retain strict standards on security and performance. Multifunctional locks, drawer-status reporting, and customizable configuration make this an efficient solution for businesses counting on cash-drawer dependability. The Vasario series cash drawer is a perfect choice for food truck, bakery, deli, and dry-cleaning businesses.

Flip-top cash drawers

APG’s Flip-top cash drawers are extremely easy to use and provide exceptional speed during checkout. Integration with traditional, self-check, and mobile checkouts makes these a versatile option for in-store and on-the-go settings. The Flip-top cash drawers are ideal for grocery stores.

ScanSource has an extensive APG product line to provide resellers with all the products they need to set up their clients for success, including cables, locks, keys, mounting brackets, and more. Our expert team members can help determine the best recommendations for your clients.

Extensive testing ensures high performance

Part of why APG’s cash drawer products have been trusted by businesses around the globe for more than 35 years is because of the rigorous testing that is conducted on each machine to ensure top performance at every moment. Cash drawers, such as the Series-4000, undergo four million opening-and-closing tests before being sold to guarantee optimal use each time—no matter how demanding the environment can be.

Besides conducting cycle tests, individual parts are also tested for durability and precision. Keys, locks, slides, latch mechanisms, and solenoids are tested to ensure the entire product works seamlessly and will never let you down. Before designs are manufactured on a wide scale, they are tested in real retail environments so that the finished products are optimal for real-world settings.

Sell APG cash drawers with ScanSource

Selling APG cash drawers through a partnership with ScanSource allows you to grow your business while thrilling your current customers. If you work with retail clients who need the best in cash-drawer operation, APG’s cash drawers are top choices. Not only will your clients receive a superior product, they also enjoy the dependability of the APG brand. 

Besides continually enhancing current product lines, you and your clients can count on APG to develop new product lines with improved technology that keeps them a step ahead of the competition. To become an APG cash drawer reseller with ScanSource, give us a call at 800.944.2432 and talk with a representative.