The Alien ALR-H460 is the ultimate RFID handheld device, featuring premium read capability, processing power, memory, ergonomics, and affordability, in one compact package. It's rich with features and combines outstanding ease of use and integration tools with a powerful RFID read engine, enabling exceptional performance in the most demanding scan environments and applications.

Feature Enabled by Benefit
Ease of use
  • Large, 5.2” 1920x1080 resolution display
  • High-capacity, lithium-polymer battery
  • Open source, Android software development
  • Simplifies data input
  • All-day usage without recharging
  • Easy-to-provide custom apps
High performance
  • Unique high-performance, high-gain antenna (unusual for a handheld)
  • Cortex-A53 Quad-Core 1.3 GHz CPU
  • Android 6.0 operating system
  • Reads tags further than most handheld RFID solutions
  • Reads and processes those tags faster
  • Runs Android apps faster
A fully “connected” handheld
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
  • 3G cellular built in
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Wireless simplicity
  • Always connected
  • Allows connection to corporate networks
Robust design
  • Dust and water ingress protection (IP64)
  • Solid, drop-tested design (1.0m/3ft)
  • Shock-resistant rubber seals
    ensure durability, giving full IP64 water/dust proofing and 1.0M/3ft drop qualification


  • Retail

  • Warehouse

  • Work in progress

  • Transportation 

  • Missing-item location