DLT-V7210K: A Terminal for Demanding Environments

The DLT-V7210K with its integrated keyboard is a robust vehicle terminal for efficient work in logistics. It can be used in both hot and cold conditions, with extremely high and low humidity. The DLT-V7210K allows fast and easy data entry, without needing an external keyboard.

Touch panel for maximum user comfort
  • Large 10.1" display for excellent readability even under bright sunlight
  • Break and abrasion resistant PCT touch screen
  • Useable with gloves
  • Multi touch operable
Field replaceable, integrated keyboard
  • 55-key keyboard with number pad
  • Available in three country-specific versions: QWERTZ, QWERTY, AZERTY
  • Brightness adjustable independently of display brightness
  • Fast and simple data input
Integrated UPS (uninterruptable power supply)
  • Terminal stays in application even when vehicle battery gets exchanged
  • Bridges power loss up to 20 minutes
  • Battery is quickly replaceable through easy accessible battery slot at the top side of the terminal
  • Subsequent equipment of terminal with battery
Interference-free Wi-Fi connection
  • Antenna diversity (usage of multiple antennas) reduces interferences
  • Wi-Fi antenna with low profile in high transmission quality with increased resistance to external forces
  • External antennas available
Wide selection of mounting and fitting options
  • Different mounting and fitting concepts for the terminal itself and corresponding accessories
  • Customer specific developments possible

Download the above datasheet for full product specifications!