Your guide to industrial solutions.

Find the industrial PC solutions that can help in these key areas: logistics, fleet management, heavy duty, and automation.

    • Logistics

      Advantech industrial PCs and VMTs support your Logistics, operating through real-time data and modern, touch-controlled Windows and Linux user interfaces. Whether it’s immense time pressure, error-free inventory stock management, or high-cargo handling volumes—our goal is to support you in designing your logistics solution.

    • Fleet management

      Advantech Fleet management terminals translate real-time data about vehicles, cargo, deliveries, and workers into dynamic, understandable displays that help increase productivity and lower operating costs. Designed from the ground up to handle extreme environments, these platforms facilitate the accurate monitoring of driver and vehicle performance, to reduce costs and increase productivity.

    • Heavy duty

      Advantech ultra-rugged, Heavy Duty VMTs robustly and reliably operate wherever they’re needed. Our products monitor health conditions of vehicle components through CAN-Bus attachments; track navigation and location; prevent collision; and monitor driver behavior, in real-time.

    • Automation

      Advantech industrial PCs and VMTs can be used anywhere in Automation, with their rugged housing, and their easy operability and various display options—both in manufacturing control, as well as in manufacturing visualization.