Multiplying Your Product Portfolio

Warehouse | Logistics | Retail | Hospitality | Healthcare 


With its 35 years of global leadership as an original design manufacturer, Advantech has been at the forefront of IoT enablement as a provider of both hardware and software solutions. With our partnership, we can help provide complete solutions for a wide array of applications across a diverse range of industries.


Warehouse and Logistics:

Through its acquisition of DLoG, Advantech has consolidated its design strength in robust computing platforms with German-engineered rugged tablet PCs (AIM-6/PWS series) and vehicle-mount terminals (DLT/TREK Series). Our extensive global network is committed to exceptional service and support for applications found in the warehouse, logistics, manufacturing, and heavy-equipment applications.


Retail and Hospitality:

Advantech provides a full spectrum of retail and hospitality products, such as mobile tablets (AIM-3 series), POS systems (UPOS series), all-in-one touch-panel computers (UTC-3 series), digital-signage players (DS series), and self-service kiosks (UTC-7 series). We also cover store-traffic analysis, interactive signage, and heat-map service-ready packages (SRP) for added business intelligence in your deployment.



Advantech offers a wide range of EN-60601 fourth-edition, medical-grade computers. These IP-54-rated point-of-care computers (POC series), IP-65-certified bedside terminals (HIT series), DICOM displays (KT series), ergonomic-design medical carts (AMiS), and medical handheld tablets (AIM-5 Series) are designed with the utmost care and qualit,y to provide uninterrupted, mission-critical support for healthcare applications.