MODE: Mobility Delivered

What is MODE?

The mobility market is growing at an incredibly fast rate, with new technologies, applications and opportunities emerging all the time. To take advantage of it all, you need an ally, someone who can give you all the technical and logistical expertise you need to meet your customers' needs and grow your mobile-solutions business.

That's MODE (Mobility On Demand), our program for reseller partners in or considering the mobility market. We do all the heavy lifting, provide device activation assistance, the training, the tech support, everything. You simply sell.

Components of the Program

1. Integration and Activation

ScanSource will help you select, configure and activate industry-leading mobile devices.  We can also facilitate partnering our customers with various industry Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) to best suit your end user's unique requirements. Plus, we pay 100% of available activation commissions, so you do not have to wait 45-60 days.

Our breadth of solutions, both in terms of devices as well as applications is unrivaled. Let us help you arrive at the right combination of mobile devices, software applications, and network services to grow your mobility business.

How does the cellular activation process work?


The first step in cellular activation is to complete the Cellular Opportunity Registration Form. This form registers both you and your end user with the chosen carrier, identifies you as the partner of record, and enlists the support of the Carrier's Field Sales Team in closing the deal for a wireless data and/or voice plan.  Please contact your ScanSource sales representative in order to register an opportunity.

Once the deal is closed, the carrier field rep will help you complete the Co-Sale Activation Form (Sprint Cellular Activation Form or AT&T Cellular Activation Form). This form captures critical information, such as the data and/or voice plan selected, the rate, and your end user's carrier account number. Submit this form, along with your purchase order for the related mobile devices, to your ScanSource sales rep. (Please note the tab "Equipment Information" will be completed by the ScanSource System Integration team at the time of the activation of the specific mobile devices).

Our System Integration team will then power up and activate your mobile devices, register the appropriate serial #'s, Sim#'s and/or IMEI#'s with the carrier, and test for cellular connectivity. Our integration team can also load and configure your application and drop ship the turn-key solution (blind) to your end-user.

And best of all, the full activation commission you earn will be paid up-front, so you don't have to wait 45-60 days.

Please contact your ScanSource sales rep for pricing or with any questions regarding the activation process.

2. Education

We offer ongoing, in-depth training on the latest technologies and applications developed by ScanSource and our leading vendor partners.

This course will help you understand how rugged mobile devices work and how to succeed in the markets where they work.

Learn the language of cellular communications and what you need to know to enable mobile data devices in this growing market here.

3. Solutions

Get everything you need to jumpstart or continue your mobility-solutions business, including the right applications from our ISV partners, easy activation from carriers like AT&T and Sprint, as well as the best-of-breed vendors with leading mobility products and services.

4. Support

Our experienced group of dedicated and trained mobility experts are waiting to help you with pre-sale configuration assistance, post-sale troubleshooting and anything in between. And our online technical knowledge portal can tell you anything and everything about any technology we sell. Contact our mobility experts directly at 800.944.2439 ext. 4079 from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm EST.

5. Vendors

We are partnered with the industry's best-of-breed manufacturers leading the market today.

Vendor Partners